Clucks Of Joy Box - Bundle of 8 Products!

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Wanna spend more time with your flock? The Clucks Of Joy Box: 

  • Pampers flocks & their "chicken moms" (aka YOU)
  • Exclusive products to give your flock the best care possible 
  • All natural nesting herbs, treats, & pest care delivered to your doorstep
  • Exclusive access to new all-natural Pampered Chicken Mama products not available anywhere else

This fun bundle contains 6 items for chicken care & 2 fun items for chicken moms for the price of one:

  • One 2.5lb bag of Cold Winter Nights
  • One 2 pound bag of our newest Poultry Queen blend
  • One large bag of our new Organic Straw Bedding with Herbs pre-mixed in! 
  • 1 jar of soothing unscented lip balm (for chicken moms)
  • 1 jar of Choco-PB Pretzel Pillows (for chicken moms)
  • "Get Rid of Predators" guide
  • "What To Do In Your Coop This Month" guide

Cold Winter Nights ingredients: Rolled organic oats, non-GMO corn, oregano, black soldier fly grubs

Poultry Queen with Grubs ingredients: non-GMO corn, oats, black solder fly grubs, mealworms, black oil sunflower seeds, peppermint, oregano

Pampered Chicken Mama Straw Bedding with Herbs includes sterilized organic straw, chamomile, rose petals, calendula, olive leaf, basil, yarrow.