5 Tips To Combat Internal Parasites In Backyard Chickens

5 Tips To Combat Internal Parasites In Backyard Chickens

Maat van Uitert

Folks, it's hot out there - and summer is when I worry about my flock getting parasites. Especially when it's hot AND wet, like it's been. (I'm not sure about your area, but this has been one of the wettest years we've had in a while). Here's what I've done to try and combat worms. It's pretty easy to implement, and maybe it'll help you out!

1. Keep their coop & run dry. 

It can be hard when it's raining, but letting the area dry in between storms can help.  If you have a pond, limit the time they spend around it. The area will be constantly wet.

2. Improve gut health. 

There's a lot of ways to do it! Apple cider vinegar, probiotics, and herbs can help. I use WormBGone a lot this time of year because it contains herbs traditionally used to improve gut health (chili, which is said to cause worms to detatch from intestines, wormwood which has been used for centuries to repel parasites, etc (You can read reviews about WormBGone here)

A question I get a lot is about tansy - it's traditionally used to expel worms, too. I don't personally use tansy. The reason why is when it's young, it's great for worms, but as the season goes on, it can turn poisonous. So, I don't chance it, and stick with more reliable herbs. Your mileage may vary though!

3. Offer a high quality feed. 

The healthier your hens are, the better they can battle worms and other parasites! I feed our herbal layer feed, but any high quality commercial feed should do the trick.

4. Put straw or dried grass on the ground, or vary the flooring in their play area.

This one might not be super convenient, but if you can add straw or mats to their play area, it's one way to cut down on the chance of internal parasites. You can also add more perches to their run, which encourages them to stay off the ground.

5. Check their poop for worms consistently. 

Now, if they're pooping out worms, they have a pretty bad infestation. (The steps above will help you avoid that). But knowledge is power. This one might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people miss it!

 What are your favorite ways to combat internal parasites?