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DIY Herb & Berry Wreath For Backyard Chickens

Maat van Uitert

Pamper your chickens this winter with some herbal goodness and an easy but cute garland in their coop!

‘Tis the perfect season to indulge in making a DIY berry coop wreath made of healthy herbs.

backyard chicken herbal wreath with heb

Easy DIY Winter Fun Wreath For Your Chickens!

Making DIY projects is part of the fun of keeping your chickens entertained when the days are dark and chilly.

A berry coop wreath perfectly matches the winter season with its green and red colors.

It will definitely look charming inside the coop, making it effortless for your chickens to peck on the fresh and healthy herbs.

In this herbal wreath, we used rosemary and cranberries (you can easily substitute the cranberries with strawberries though).

Both the Rosemary herbs and cranberries are great immune support for chickens.

If cranberries are not available, you can opt for other red yummy-looking berries such as strawberries to top off your DIY holiday herb coop wreath. I bet your hens will love it!

Don’t believe me? Check out our little Mario going at my finished wreath.

backyard chicken eating an herbal wreath

This Blue Copper Marans rooster just can’t wait to start pecking on his snack. Looks irresistible to me!

Other Herb Options

Aside from Rosemary, here are a few herbs that you can use for your winter wreath.

All are great snacks to give your chickens to help them support their immune systems and their health in general as we endure the cold months.

  • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Thyme

For ingredients that will help make your wreath visually appealing to take Instagram-worthy snapshots together with your adorable pets, you can use:

  • Flower Herbs - such as calendula or lavender
  • Pine cones (only if there are no other herbs and/or berries you can use)

How to Make Your Own Herbal Coop Wreath


  • Plastic or Wood for the wreath base
  • Beading Wire or String
  • Bundles of long-stemmed Rosemary (as many as needed)
  • Cranberries or other types of red berries


Step I. Create a Wreath Ring

Your holiday wreath obviously needs to take the shape of a ring. Mold your wire or plastic material into a loop that looks sturdy enough to hold the herbs and berries together.

Where to find the material?

It is always best to recycle. It’s easy, it’s easy, and it’s good for the environment.

You might want to start by looking around the house for any old container tops. Otherwise, cheap ready-made wreath rings can be bought on Amazon.

I used beading wire for my holiday herb wreath simply because it’s flexible (easy to twist) and firm enough to hold the materials.

Don’t worry about your chickens eating it - they’ll be too interested in the berries.

You can also use a string to thread the berries but it is a lot harder than twisting wires.

Another downside is that strings are more likely to be cut and eaten by your chickens. With beading wire, chances of cutting and digesting the material are fairly small.

These animals know what to eat, but if you’re still not sure string or wire, try baling twine which is thicker and harder to swallow.

Always use your judgment to decide which one is best for your flock.

Reuse the same frame every time you refurbish your wreath with new herbs and berries (because these chickens will definitely want to eat them as quick as possible).

Step 2. Attach the Herbs

In my design, I wrapped my herb wreath with a fresh bunch of Rosemary from the vegetable section of the supermarket. If your local market is out of Rosemary, you can look for other long-stemmed herbs. I recommend using long stems because it looks better and you can easily circle and tie it to your wreath.

You can also use other options as listed above. Feel free to add some more herbs that may be a better choice for your flock.

Layer heaps of the herbs to add volume to your coop wreath. Remember to cover the structure completely by using the tips of the herbs to hide the wires. Add more of the herbs to cover the tie points.

Step 3. Add the Berries on Top

It is time to add the highlight -- the berries. Attach them to visible endpoints of the herbs to completely mask the wire, making it more appealing.

In my case, I pierced the berries with toothpicks and pinned them into the herb wreath. If you will be using string, the easiest is to use a needle and the thread to twine the berries.

Makes sure to attach the wire or string tightly, leaving your chickens only the herbs and berries to eat.

backyard chicken herbal wreath with berries

Voila! Your Own Winter Herb Berry Coop Wreath is Ready!

Congratulations on your first (if this is your first time) DIY holiday project for your chickens -- an herb coop wreath with berries on top! They are essentially made of herbs for your chickens to eat, but you can always put it high up their coop as lovely decor. Otherwise, place it low enough where your chickens can reach for their delicious snack.

These birds have the tendency to get tired of eating the same thing. Thus, if the herbs are past their prime or you chickens are no longer interested, use what’s left organic materials as compost. You now know how easy it is to make your own wreath, so create one for your pets as many and as often as you like.

backyard chicken hen eating herbal wreath