Baby Chick Goody Box (7 items, 10 pounds)

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Caring for chicks is a little different​ than adult chickens.


  • Have specific dietary needs
  • Are growing - which can lead to extra stress on their bodies
  • Must be taught how to bond with their owners
  • Can't always eat the same herbs as adult chickens
  • Sometimes get pasty butt & need help to stay healthy

That's why we've created our Baby Chick Goody Box (7 items, 10 pounds total)!

The Baby Chick Goody Box includes:

  • Premium 18% Chick Starter (5 pounds): Our popular chick starter that has all the protein, vitamins & nutrients chicks need!
  • Chickeratti (2 pounds): A fun, colorful treat featuring black soldier fly grubs, grains, & herbs
  • Scent of Spring Coop Herbs (10 ounces): A gentle blend of flowers & botanicals for your coop or brooder!
  • First Water (4 ounces): A probiotic blend that's easy to add to your baby chick's water to develop good gut flora!
  • Oregano Peck (16 ounces): A tasty vitamin treat with oregano that's easy to add to your chicks' feed!
  • Fluffy Feathers Lavender Shampoo (8 ounces): For those times when your chicks develop pasty butt or get wet feed mashed into their down. This is a gentle shampoo make specifically for chickens.
  • Bloomgrubs (1 pound): Our brand of black soldier fly grubs. A great source of protein. Useful when your mailed chicks are stressed and they need to eat.