Bathing Dust With Herbs To Prevent & Repel Mites (BIG 5 Pound Canister!)

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5 pounds
10 pounds (Two 5 pound canisters)
20 pounds (One 20 pound bag)
5 Pounds Dust Bath + 1.25 Pounds MitesBGone Coop & Dust Bath Herbs Bundle
Dust Bath (20 pounds) + 4 Pounds MitesBGone Coop & Dust Bath Herbs

Make dust bathing even healthier with Pampered Chicken Mama's Bathing Dust With Herbs!

Made of all natural, locally-sourced minerals, diatomaceous earth, and our proprietary blend of MitesBGone Non-GMO Dust Bath herbs, your chickens will love rolling and digging as they banish mites away! 

One 5 pound canister lasts 14 - 30 days. Use outdoors. Keep covered in rain to retain freshness.

✔️ EASY TO USE: Add Bathing Dust With Herbs to your flock's favorite dust bathing spot or to a large bin 

✔️ SAFE: Bathing Dust With Herbs is made with all natural, locally sourced, and Non-GMO ingredients

✔️ ECONOMICAL: A 5 pound canister lasts 14-30 days

✔️ CHICKENS LOVE IT: Watch your hens cluck for joy as the roll and scratch through the herbs! A great time for all!