Poultry Queen Mealworm, Non-GMO Corn, Non-GMO Flax, & Herb Treat For Pet Chickens

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Made with all Non-GMO and USA sourced ingredients, Pampered Chicken Mama’s Poultry Queen Treats are a favorite with every flock!

✔️ INCLUDES HERBS & MEALWORMS: Lots of protein & omega-6 fats for great feathers and eggs! Perfect for backyard chickens who love herbs!

✔️ NON-GMO & ALL NATURAL: Includes locally-sourced & sustainably farmed non-GMO corn and flax seed!

✔️ CHICKENS LOVE IT! You'll hear your pet chickens clucking for joy in their coops over the soothing nesting herbs, including calendula, oregano, and basil. Great duck feed too!

Ingredients: Non-GMO corn, mealworms (USA sourced), basil (for flavor), oregano (for flavor), calendula (for flavor), Non-GMO flax seed.