Chicken Coop Training Eggs (3 pack)

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Train your hens to lay their eggs in the right place with our Chicken Coop Training Eggs.

You won’t be eating these eggs anytime soon but they have many other great uses!

ALWAYS FIND YOUR EGGS: Train your laying hens to always lay their eggs in the right place (i.e. the next box) by placing these training eggs there as a cue. Chickens are good at taking a hint!

SAVE THE EGGS! Pecking a fake eggs gets old so you can use this set of dummy eggs to discourage your hens from pecking and eating real eggs.

IS SHE REALLY BROODY? Test a hens seriousness about hatching some eggs by using training eggs (they won’t go bad so you don’t have to risk good eggs on the test).

Each pack contains 3 eggs.