Omega Burst: Omega Rich Treat For Great Eggs & Feathers!

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Omega-rich eggs are great eggs - and it's easy to provide an omega-rich diet with Omega Burst! Made with flax, black oil sunflower seeds, fishmeal, and black soldier fly grubs, your hens will cluck for joy - and you'll love how healthy their eggs & feathers are!

  • Makes It Easy to Add Omega-Rich Feed To Your Flock's Diet
  • Full of Ingredients Chickens Love, Like Dried Insects!
  • Part of A Balanced Diet
  • Textured Treat With Lots Of Different Ingredients To Encourage Foraging
  • A 4 Pound Bag Is Enough For 5 Chickens For 30 Days 

Ingredients: Black soldier fly larvae, non-gmo corn, black oil sunflower seeds, fishmeal, calendula, organic flax seeds.