Pampered Chicken Mama Ultimate Nesting Herb Bundle (7 products, 56 pounds Total!)

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Stock up on Pampered Chicken Mama's best selling nesting herbs in this exclusive bundle!

What's included:

  • MitesBGone Coop & Dust Bath Herbs (8 pounds)
  • PestsBGone Coop Herbs (8 pounds)
  • Scent of Spring Nesting Box Herbs (8 pounds)
  • BreatheRight Coop Herbs (8 pounds)
  • WormBGone Nesting Box & Coop Herbs (8 pounds)
  • StrongHen Immunity Herbs (8 pounds)
  • Best Eggs Ever! Nesting Box Herbs (8 pounds)
  • Happy Tummy Nesting Herbs (8 pounds)

What does each herb blend do?

Each herb blend serves a different - but critical - part in your coop. Use each blend for the happiest chickens ever!

MitesBGone - To rid your coop of mites & prevent mites

PestBGone - Deters flying insects like flies and mosquitoes

Scent of Spring - Attracts hens to their nesting boxes & helps them relax. 

BreatheRight - Improves cleanliness of air inside your coop

WormBGone - Creates a living environment that deters internal parasites

StrongHen - Unique combination of herbs to traditionally used for health

Best Eggs Ever! - Mix with nest box bedding for great eggs with golden yolks

Happy Tummy - Includes herbs traditionally used for great digestion!

Individually, these products would cost over $1,100! Save $250 with this bundle!