Poultry Water Protector: Keeps Waterers Clean Longer!

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16 ounce
33.9 ounce
  • Add to your flock’s water to keep waterers clean and free of harmful bacteria

  • Mix with water to add essential enzymes to your flock’s diet

  • Effective on plastic and galvanized steel waterers

  • Add 1 oz of Poultry Water Protector per 1 gallon of water

Poultry Water Protector Prevents build-up of film, residue and natural contaminants on your flock’s waterers for healthier drinking water. Safe for poultry of all classes and ages. Safe for other livestock, such as goats.

Directions: Prior to use, thoroughly clean waterers inside and out, making sure surfaces are thoroughly rinsed and clean of all residue. Refill waterers with fresh water and add Water Protector at a rate of 1 oz per gallon of drinking water.

Comes in 16 fl oz canister or 33.9 fl oz canister