Rolling Plastic Chicken Cage



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Small-Bantam under 3 pounds
Medium-regular hen size

- Convenient: This circular chicken cage is small and compact, making it easy to transport and move around for your pet's activities.

- Durable: Made of sturdy materials, this small-sized chicken cage is built to withstand frequent use and to provide a secure and safe environment for your pets.

- Versatile: Suitable for various small pets, such as chickens, ducks, or rabbits, this cage allows your pets to freely roam and play within its confines.

- Easy to clean: The design of this chicken cage ensures that cleaning is hassle-free, making it easier for you to maintain a healthy living space for your pets.

- Comfortable: With ample space and proper ventilation, this pet cage provides a comfortable habitat for your feathered or furry friends, ensuring their well-being.